What makes Revonate different from a general contractor?

If you've tried calling a contractor lately, you know they're often too busy to help you think through your remodel - from concept to design to cost. They're also often too busy to provide an itemized quote so even if you did get to the 'build' phase, it's not always clear what you're paying for. Coupled with the complexity of a remodel — managing subcontractors, change orders and unexpected issues (i.e. unforeseen structural issues) - the project scope, timeline and cost usually ends up significantly more than originally estimated.

Revonate helps both property owners and contractors by offering a professional, tech-forward preconstruction service. Property investors get quality design and cost estimation while contractors can focus on making sure quality remodels are done on time and on budget. Essentially, Revonate provides an excellent customer service experience so our contractor partners can do an excellent job remodeling.

How does Revonate make money?

Revonate sells architectural design packages and marks up transactions up to 10% on our market place.

Is Revonate the cheapest option for renovations?

We have competitive rates but have found most of our clients are happy to pay a premium for peace of mind. Revonate's design and scoping platform helps ensure each property owner and Contractor approaches the remodel thoughtfully and prepared at every turn.

Revonate is focused on providing property owners with cost estimates they can trust before a remodel begins, based on a thorough pre-construction process. Revonate takes the extra time and due diligence to ensure we provide property owners with a fair and accurate estimate well before construction begins.

Often when a property owner chooses a cheaper alternative, they'll end up paying well over the original estimate and end the project quite frustrated.

Does Revonate support new construction?

Yes but we specialize in making structural changes to existing environments.

Which locations are you currently operating in?

Property owners from anywhere in the United States (all 50 states) can use Revonate's architectural design platform. Depending on a property's proximity to Revonate's primary service areas, there are various options for obtaining the initial 3D scan of the property as well as handing the project to qualified Contractors for the build phase.

How do you prevent going over time and over budget?

"Measure twice, cut once" ensures Revonate remodels are designed and estimated harnessing the latest localized data on materials, skilled labor rates, and timelines.

Many remodelers jump straight into a project without harnessing professional design and cost estimation. Revonate solves this and by doing so mitigates a significant amount of risk for both property owners and contractors.

What is the value for the property owner?

  • Third party broker that holds contractors accountable and vets GC's, architects, structural engineers and other experts on your behalf
  • Itemized quote including change orders and selections so you have everything organized and documented
  • Peace of mind you aren't over paying for your renovation
  • Dedicated professional remodel project expertise through our web and mobile app (iOS and Android) 
  • Recommendations on what, how and why to renovate to reach your goals, whether to enjoy your property more or maximize property value and cash flow
  • Insights to take full advantage of local incentives and tax credits i.e. solar panel installation tax credit, lawn conversion rebates

What types of projects do you and don't you support?

We support virtually anything that warrants an architectural design. Generally Revonate's average project value is $75k and most popular project type is an open concept kitchen renovation. We specialize in making structural changes to your home.

How soon will we be able to start the project?

Revonate's pre-construction process takes 3-5 weeks, starting when we capture or create your as built digital twin. The first step is for a property owner to have a virtual meeting with a team member to discuss your project timeline, goals and budget. Next we'll bring the owner through our remodel design and cost estimation process, resulting in photorealistic renderings, a clear materials (FF&E) list, and professional cost estimation. Once the pre-construction is complete, we connect you back to your Contractor (if you had already selected one) or to a curated set of Revonate-vetted Contractors for the build.

What happens if we decide to change the project scope after the build begins?

Hiring Revonate to do your preconstruction means catching a lot of these potential changes before the build even begins. That's a lot of the value Revonate creates!

However, sometimes things change or become apparent once the Contractor has started their work. When a change is needed while the build is underway, we create a change order which requires sign off from both the Contractor and property owner. Change orders come with a processing fee, though if the change order is due to unforeseen issues (dry rot, termite damage, etc), the fee is waived. Your Contractor will provide a new estimate in this circumstance and include the change order as an amendment to the original agreement.

What happens if we aren't satisfied with our Contractor and choose to let them go?

If the property owner chooses to let their Revonate Partner Contractor go for any reason, we will ask for the justification behind the decision.

If a Revonate Partner Contractor was unprofessional or had poor quality work, we will terminate them as a partner, notify the Better Business Bureau and the local contractors board. At that point, Revonate would seek to refund any un-utilized funds and/or provide another Contractor to complete the build.

What kind of quality assurance can we expect?

Every project gets a dedicated Revonate renovation expert who will be your primary contact. Our expert will work with your Contractor to confirm each of the milestone-based deliverables are satisfactory before payment is made. Towards the end of the renovation project, your Renovation expert will meet with you and the Contractor to finalize the "punch list" -- essentially a list of odds and ends that the Contractor must complete before the remodel is complete and final payment is made.

What value does Revonate provide to our partner contractors?

  • Professional cost estimation with a modernized preconstruction process that helps property owners feel at ease
  • "Paper work" taken care for the quote, change orders and any selections required by the property owner
  • Peace of mind you're set up to make money on every project
  • Peace of mind you'll be paid on time as deliverables are complete
  • Consistent workload of high margin projects so you spend your time building rather than chasing bids and providing estimates
  • Customer communications and requests clearly documented for review in Revonate's web and mobile app
  • Revonate is largely project and performance based. Assuming no active projects, stop working with us at anytime with no hassle.
  • Revonate leverages the latest construction technologies on your behalf so you don't need to be the 'IT expert'
  • Itemized quotes that you can use to make sure you have the paper trail you need to maximize your tax refund and prevent lawsuits
  • After several successful remodels, Revonate offers our exclusive partners the best mobile hardware (i.e. iPhone or iPad) so you're well equipped on the go

How do you vet the contractors that you work with?

Revonate only works with contractors that are properly licensed and insured with proof of high quality work. In advance of signing a partnership agreement, Revonate reviews qualifications, ensures each business is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and speaks with several reference customers. All of this information is used to create your Revonate partner profile, which will be highlighted to property owners in their construction proposal.

Why should we trust your preconstruction cost estimation?

You set your own prices! We mark up your cost of labor and rough materials by 25%. 15% goes directly to you and 10% goes directly to us.

How soon will we be able to start working together as a contractor partner?

Generally onboarding a new contractor partner process takes one week, and only 2-4 hours of your time. The first step is to meet with our construction partnerships team to make sure we're a fit for each other. Then we aim to take no more than 3 business days reviewing your qualifications, creating your Revonate profile, and connecting with at least 3 reference customers. Once the agreement is signed, you are eligible to receive projects directly from Revonate as well as send leads our way -- we can field inbound inquiries on your behalf, provide you weekly progress reports showing at which stage in the funnel your leads are, and help schedule their projects based on your availability to start new remodels.

What if I'm a subcontractor, not a general contractor?

We mostly partner with general contractors, but are always looking for great skilled tradespeople and subcontractors to delight property owners. Please reach out at partners@revonate.co to discuss getting involved with future projects.

Are you a software or a services business?

We're a managed marketplace similar to AirBnB. Think of yourself as the AirBnB host, setting the rules and prices. We're just the system you can use to grow your business.